Fragrance Free Living

Fragrance – We all like things to smell good. These days Fragrance is Big Business. But, are the chemical ingredients of the “Fragrance” good for you?

Due to some chronic health problems, Fragrance added to most everyday products began to cause me severe breathing difficulties. In fact, there was a point when walking from one room to another caused sheer exhaustion and I could barely draw breath. Doctors thought my lungs had atrophied so much that I had a short time period to live.

While visiting my family in Hawaii, my mother, in her wisdom, began washing all of my clothing and bedding in fragrance free detergent just to try and relieve some of my breathing problems. Neither she nor anyone else had the slightest idea what the effect would be….but to my own amazement a month later and I began to feel a lot better. My breathing was easier, my coughing fits less, and the foggy thick mist cleared from my brain. Suddenly I realized what the real problem was : Fragrance.

I had to change my entire lifestyle. Returning home we began to systematically throw out everything in our house with added Fragrance. This included: shampoos, soaps, lotions, make-up, detergent, dishwashing liquid, dryer sheets, candles, and anything else that emitted a chemical based scent. I had quite a collection of perfumes–real perfumes, and they all had to go. Even my cleaning products are now fragrance free. Once I cleaned out my home I could suddenly breathe again! A year after living a fragrance free lifestyle, my doctor could not believe how clear my lungs sounded.

Not only could I now breathe, but I could smell again. You see, when our bodies are assaulted by so much chemical smells, we are no longer able to actually detect them. It is some sort of defense mechanism. Now, I discovered that I could smell! Brand new clothes often reek of perfume, but did you know they also smell strongly of chemicals?

Finding fragrance free human products was not too difficult – I was amazed to find even fragrance free nail polish (not that I use it, but it is out there!) However,  finding effective products for my Animals has been much more of a challenge. As the years have gone by, thankfully more and more products are being made with a view to being green and eco conscious. This is beneficial for everyone, and really it is especially beneficial for our animals.

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