Healing Balms and Wound Solutions

What horseman hasn’t had the old M-T-G in their Groom box at some point? If you are not keen on putting petroleum jelly and sulfur on your horses, there are some wonderful, chemically clean products to use.

(Some of these products have a naturally occurring scent, but all are Fragrance Neutral as none contain synthetic or added Fragrance.)

Veterycin – similar to the horse’s own immune system, this fast acting wound treatment will handle all your wound and skincare needs. It is non-toxic and fragrance free and safe to be used in eyes, mouth and nose.

Virex Cream – made from Calendula oil and Thuja oil; soothes irritated skin conditions. Phyto Balm –  works well on minor wounds, cuts and skin abrasions. I love these creams and have used both on a variety of my horse’s skin problems. (both by Hilton Herbs)

First Essential – also by Hilton Herbs. A natural antiseptic spray of Aloe Vera with Tea Tree essential oil and tinctures of Echinacea and Yarrow.

Lavender Cleansing Spray – by EquiSpa. Wonderful gentle and healing spray of Lavender essential oil, honey extracts, and soy proteins along with 17 amino acids to help sooth, and protect.

Dr Harvey’s Healing Cream – gentle, non-toxic can be used on any skin problem on dogs, cats and horses. All Organic base and extracts:  Shea Butter,  Aloe Vera, Calendula,  Goldenseal, Chamomile, Comfrey, Propolis, Thyme and Rosemary with Tea Tree Oil and Polysorbate (From Vegetable Source).

Healing Balm – An all-purpose medicinal skin care product made from essential oils.

Skin Relief –  made with organic Aloe Vera and Hempseed Oils, Peppermint, Geranium, Bergamot and Grapefruit Essential oils.

Dr Rose’s Balm and Spray – natural antiseptic and healing oils.

Badger Balm – Okay, this is not really meant for horses. It is for babies! But, I think it is a great Balm with a very slight herbal scent. (there is also a Fragrance Free Badger Balm) Best of all it is completely organic, and your horse (or pup) will love you for using it.

Well-Horse Solution – This is made from tree resins and  phytochemicals (natural plant chemicals).


Designed For Dogs: (Do NOT use balms with TEA TREE oil on your cats.)

Rejuva Spray – Natural ingredients good for hot spots and other skin irritations.

Jake’s Remedy –  apricot kernel oil, vitamins C and E.

Herb Salve – Vegetable oils, vitamins and herbs heal and soothe scratches, wounds and abrasions.

Heal my Paws – beeswax, cocoa balm and other natural emollients, use as barrier for salt and snow or to moisturize cracked paws.

Sitka’s Organic Salve – made from bees wax, organic oils, honey, vitamin E, Comfrey, St John’s Wort and other herbals to aid healing and reduce the chance of infection.

Snout Soother – for adding nature’s moisture to dry, cracked or irritated skin. Shea butter, vitamin E make it a natural sunscreen while jojoba, hempseed and sweet almond oils make it rich and nourishing.