Chemically Clean Equine Muscle Topicals (liniments, poultices, soaks and balms)

For your hardworking equine, all natural muscle relief.

 Fragrance Free

Epsom Salts – There are many pre-made poultices, however you can easily make your own. Epsom salts are inexpensive and available at any drugstore.

DMSO – although straight DMSO itself has no odor, it can cause a human recipient to smell of fish. So just be careful when applying to your equine!


Chemical and Synthetic Fragrance Free

I find it easier and safer to use only Fragrance Free products in my home. However, for my Horse at times I must use herbal products that are naturally fragrant, such as Arnica, Tea Tree or Calendula. Not all herbals are the same.  I have found the purer and simpler the ingredients, the less likely it will adversely affect me.

Chemically clean but with a mild herbal aroma, these products are Fragrance Neutral: You will notice most of these are made with Arnica. Arnica Montana is a flowering herb native to Europe. Although tiny amounts are taken in homeopathy medicine, usually arnica is applied topically to relieve muscle soreness. Human ointments containing arnica can be found at any Natural Health food store. To read more about this herb click Here.

Brisk Herbal Rub – Calendula, capsicum, wormwood and MSM make this muscle rub a standout from Vapco’s regular line of Liniments.

Arnica Rub by Farrier’s Magic, a blend of natural oils and arnica.

Sore No More – a favorite! Comes in gels, lotions, clays…completely natural and effective. My horse loves to be rubbed down with this after a workout.

Hilton Herbs – makes Leg Aid: a creamy Arnica rub with Witch Hazel and herbs; Essential Arnica: Arnica and Aloe Vera mixed with herbs; and PhytoSalve: a massage lotion.

Cool Muscle Wash – comes as a Spray and a Gel. Soothe and cool hot, tired muscles and joints with these chemical free, aromatherapy products.

Tendon Repair Gel –  Arnica, comfrey and rosemary in a water-based gel. Made by Silver Lining Herbs.

Dr Harvey’s Liniment – all natural, herbal massage spray. Deep penetrating ingredients to warm and relax muscles.