Equine Coat Conditioners and Detanglers

Fragrance Free:

Mane and Tail Detangler – by Straight Arrow. The only drawback is it contains Silicone, which makes it not a truly natural product. I use it though, because for me not having added fragrance is the most important element.

Earthbath –  Fragrance Free. Purified water, vegetable-derived conditioner & detangler, colloidal oatmeal (3%), aloe vera, organic shea butter, cetearyl alcohol, wheat germ oil & amino acids, natural preservative.



Chemical Free Conditioners

Show Coat Conditioner – A wonderful mixture of coconut oil and witch hazel. The essential oil smell is strong!  I find with a little dilution (added bottles of witch hazel) I can use this. It has amazing results.

Dander Out – can also be used as a detangler. I’m not a huge fan of this product. It does act somewhat like a in-between bath spritz; but the overall feel of coat is not particularly great. Made with purified water, enzymes, ethanol derived from corn, coconut biodegradable surfactants, and lemon oil.

Aloe and Tea Tree Lotion Spray –  by Equinature, Liquid Aloe, Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil / Eucalyptus helps fight skin problems.

Many oils have naturally occurring scent. Think about how strong your olive oil smells, while Safflower oil has no scent, oils such as Jojoba, coconut, and almond all have their own peculiar smell. These natural odors have never bothered me. So, when I absolutely cannot find a horse product without essential oil or herbal fragrance, I dilute it with either witch hazel or another base oil such as these and spring water.