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Fragrance Free Cat Litter

Traditional Clay Litter Arm & Hammer, Fresh Step, Scoop Away and Exquisicat carry a Fragrance Free option. I prefer Premium Choice Natural Litter. It is simply bentonite clay with no fillers or additives.

If you find a fragrance free lacking the needed level of odor control, try adding one of the natural enzyme solutions similar to the microbial Stall Cleaners. (See Below)


Chemical Free and Eco-Conscious:

What makes a litter eco-friendly? Well, it should be without chemical fragrance, biodegradable and from a sustainable resource. I am not attempting to list all brands manufacturing such litters. This is just a sampling.

The following types say they are eco-friendly to varying degrees, I leave it to the reader to decide if they are or not. (with my added comments which you can view as either information or entertainment)

Pine Wood Litters – Okay, this is the same as the Horse Pellets. They are environmentally friendly because they are made from the leftover sawdust material from lumber mills. Also, because of the compressed nature of a pellet, you will use less and and absorb more. The used product can be cleaned and used as compost (for nonfood gardens) and in some cases, flushed – not in CA. However, try to make sure the wood is coming from a Certified Managed Forest lumberyard. Feline PineFeline Fresh and Pine Fresh are all brands to try. Customer Service at All three of these companies said they use lumber companies that are overseen by forest management.

***Note: Recently I heard there is a disturbing trend in advertising pine litters. Consumers are being advised to LEAVE the urine in the box while only removing the solid waste. This does not seem very sanitary or healthy since as any horse person knows, urine left in the shavings releases ammonia which would be harmful to both the pet and owner! Wet litter is best removed daily just as any traditional litter. Cats could not be pleased to be forced into pawing urine soaked pellets – even if they have dried.

Cedar Wood LittersCedarific Litter by North Eastern Products. Made from reclaimed Cedar. It will have a natural cedar scent. No added chemicals. It is biodegradable and can be composted. Fresh Aire also makes a cedar litter.

Wheat Grass LitterCat Country has a great litter. Not only is Cat Country much better for your health, with regular maintenance it will last longer than clay, with no bad odors. Dust free Pellets are clean, free of chemicals and fragrance, and biodegradable.

Corn Litter – Many cat litters are made from Corn. Is this Eco-friendly? I don’t know.

Virtually all corn grown in the U.S. is GMO. Arguably, GMO is not earth-friendly because a Pesticide company owning every seed is not friendly.  On the other hand, corn is easily sustainable and biodegradable. Additionally, using corn based products saves precious trees.

World’s Best Cat Litter – You can decide if its the “best” or not. Made from corn kernels and some other secret plant ingredients; NO chemicals or perfume additives. But, of course, it does smell like corn.

Wheat Litter – I like Swheat Scoop since it is Fragrance free, NO chemicals. Compostable (not for food). Nice texture for picky kitties.

Paper Litters – Not all paper litters are created equal. However the concept is the same. Biodegradable and made from recycled paper. Should be dust free and more absorbent than clay litters. Nature’s Miracle makes one, but It has added Fragrance.

Yesterday’s News has No Fragrance and is said to be virtually dust free. Made from recycled paper, it is absorbent and biodegradable. If Kitty is very picky about texture, they have a soft pellet option made to feel similar to clay based litter.

Wysong Litter Lite – biodegradable cellulose pellets made from recycled newsprint, that are dust-free and non-allergenic.

Other Eco-Litters – (not classifiable with the above well known litters)

Perfect Litter– Environmentally friendly, made from clay (Vermiculite) and Pearlite. It is biodegradable and renewable. It is exceedingly lightweight (which is good for shipping). When you open the package you will recognize potting soil smell and texture. It took my cat a little while to get used to it; so you should gradually introduce it by mixing your current litter, increasing amounts until the adjustment is complete.

Envirokats Litter –  Reusable, Recycled Rubber tire litter. I don’t know about this one. With this product, simply wash away the urine, and scoop the poop as normal. The company says the smell is absorbed;  cutting down on cost and waste. Have you tried this? Please comment if you have. Yes, using recycled tires sounds environmentally friendly. But I have reservations with the rubber itself. I’m not a fan of synthetic turf made from recycled rubber so ?


ODOR Control

Chemical Free products to remove Feline Odors:

Odor-No-More – a blend of micro-nutrient salts, eco-friendly, fragrance free and non-toxic.  We use this product in our cat litter box – and it Does work.

Bye Bye Odor – Fragrance free urine eating microbes help keep that litter box fresh. Reduces amount of litter used.

Kitty Litter Treatment – sodium bicarbonate, proprietary enzyme blend, proprietary non-pathogenic bacteria blend.

Planet Petco – zeolites to add to your litter. Natural odor absorbers with no chemical additives. Fragrance Free.

Of course, there is always Baking Soda. Cheap, fragrance free and it does absorb odors. But in the end, nothing will keep your litter fresher than daily cleaning and regularly changing out the litter.


 Cat Grooming


EarthBath now makes a fragrance free, good for the environment hypo-allergenic cat shampoo. Additionally Earthbath has a line of wipes, all eco friendly and both in fragrance neutral (without synthetics) and entirely fragrance free.

Pops Shampoo – USDA Certified Organic for both dogs and cats. Chemical free and soothing for skin and coat. Ingredients: Saponified organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils, natural essential oil blend including naturally extracted tea tree and lemongrass, organic aloe vera, and rosemary as a preservative. Even the bottle is environmentally friendly by being BPA free.