Fragrance Free for the Humans

There are many many websites devoted to Fragrance Free living. However, since I have had questions about fragrance free products I use, here are some specific products and websites we use regularly in our home.   (For detergents and House Cleaning, See previous post for Laundry & Household Cleaners. )

Chemical & Fragrance Free Personal Care

California Baby Organic with no harsh ingredients, no synthetics, no common allergens, and no pesticides. Fragrance Free or Scented with aromatherapy essential oils.

Tate’s – Chemical free, made from ingredients like:  apples, strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries, hazel nut, pine needles, coconut, chamomile, and nutmeg — good stuff.

Real Purity – Organic botanicals including body care, hair care and insect repellent.

Nutribiotic – Natural body care and other health products.

Vanicream and Free-Clear – Sun Protection, moisturizer and general personal care

Dakota Free – Fragrance/Gluten/Chemical/Latex Free Interesting bath and skin products.

Simmons Natural BodyCare – for the chemically sensitive, bath and natural hygiene products.

Terressentials – Certified Organic Body Care

Organic Excellence – organic bath and skin care

Chae Organics – Organic company offering selected products for skin care, hair care, baby items, pet care, and some household cleaners.

Seed -Hair and Body care featuring grape seed oil. Interesting line of Shampoo/conditioner Bars.

Cosmetics –

Personal Basics was started by a woman allergic to Salicylate. Her products are also Fragrance Free.

Earth’s Beauty mineral makeup is made with organic ingredients, fragrance and chemical free.

EcoSevi – Handmade Vegan cosmetics.

Some Helpful Websites:

Refreshingly Free – a Fragrance Free Store. One stop shopping.

Allergy Super Store – Household and Personal care for people with allergies or who just want to live Green.

National Allergy – Fragrance, Skin allergy products.

////////// Since the above are mainly online stores, If you need Fragrance Free in a hurry, look for Jason Hair Care and CosmeticsAveenoAlba or Aubrey Organics at your local Grocery/Drug store or Health food store. \\\\\\\\\\


My personal List and items easily found in local stores

Body Wash & Shampoo –  I like Tate’s organic a lot. But I use Nutribiotic shower Gel more often. Similar to Tates, it really works great as both a body wash and a shampoo. As a non soap, gentle and moisturizing formula is available in Health Food stores, and much more affordable. For shampoo I also use Magick’s and some times CA Baby and Butt Naked Baby.

Deodorants – Unfortunately the deodorant powder we liked has gone out of business. But I am seeing some different, similar products on the market such as this: Crystal Powder which am hoping works just as well. 

Hand soap & Body wash – Nutribiotic Skin Cleanser in the Gallon size. It is soap free, with no chemicals which makes it so much more gentle and of course, a true eco product. It is economical and works.

Conditioners –  Alba has a fragrance free conditioner. Even tho this particular Alba is technically Leave-in, I use it just as a regular rinse out conditioner.

Hair styling gel – I don’t use much on my hair besides a dab of  jojoba oil, but my husband uses hair gel and he likes Real Purity, Alba styling cream and Vanicream’s hair gel.

Lotions and Creams –  For a rich, decadent face/body cream, try Organic Cowgirl’s line of products. I love all of her creams and lotions. Entirely chemical free and purely organic, it doesn’t get any better than this! Eucerin and Aveeno make Fragrance Free body lotions. Eucerin is thick; Aveeno is thin. Borage hand cream is effective on very dry skin.

Sun products – look for pure zinc oxide cream like this stick. Cheap and effective! You can find off name brands at your local health food store. Clinique also makes sun care products that I especially use on my face. There are now many brands making fragrance free sun protection. The only one I would warn about it Neutrogena with Helioplex – it is NOT enough protection.

MakeUP – I have tried many mineral makeup brands, but ended up using Bare Minerals or Clinique for a lot of make-up and their hypo-allergenic moisturizer. Clinique is not entirely chemical free obviously – but mostly all fragrance free.  Oil-of-Olay has a fragrance free line as well.

Air Purifiers – Allerg carries top name air purifiers for your home. If something contaminates my home, I have an Ozone machine that runs in very small amounts for a short time, Immediately followed up by a strong fan to blow it out and bring in fresh air. I also use Ionic air purifiers and Oxygen machines.

Laundry & Cleaning –  We tend to use BioKleen laundry detergent. BioKleen is eco and chemical free. BUT, when asked by others I always will recommend free and Clear ALL since it is readily found at the grocery store. Seventh Generation is the most easily found brand for organic house cleaning products. But I also like Babyganics for cleaning. And BonAmi is a must in the kitchen!