About this site

When you have an adverse reaction to chemicals, daily life becomes very challenging.

Thankfully there are products available that are healthy and fragrance free. In searching for fragrance free products I discovered that although I could  find human products, animal products were much much harder to find.

This blog is just a result of my own digging for grooming and other pet care items that I needed  for my own animals. Hopefully this will benefit others and maybe even inspire more people to use chemical and fragrance free products in their home.

If chemicals bother humans, think how much more our pets suffer when their delicate noses are continually exposed to toxic and harmful products!

8 thoughts on “About this site

  1. Hello, I LOVE your site! What alot of work you have put into it. I am the creator of Green Horse Natural fly spray and am honored to be mentioned here. I have had great results with horse owners with ultra sensetive skinned horses and am really just thrilled to be able to offer this amazing product to my natural horse friends. I believe in truth in labeling, but have not listed a few of my ingredients due to several copy cats, but I list everything on my website. I have a beautiful calming oil, very popular with my customers, which i now see several other natural horse brands trying to duplicate.– complimentary. yes, but still annoying to have your hard work and research ripped off….. Well I also have a wonderful new product that works for everything from sore legs,muscles,backs and is human grade ingredients so good for you too. it has many uses, i use it on my temples for sever headaches. Gentle but Super effective.
    My fragrance is not synthetic, but from my herbal ingredients, and most horses enjoy the smell.

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful site. I have been chemically for 20 years and finally there is a web site for my dog. Most groomers don’t get it about the fragrance and most dog shampoos are loaded with cheap perfume.

    • Hi Karen – So happy your enjoy the site! I understand completely how frustrating it can be when others fail to understand the seriousness of chemical sensitivity! Please feel free to add your own suggestions of products you have found helpful. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  3. I came across your website while searching for fragrance free leather cleaner for my car. I also have sensitivity to artificial fragrance and a whole host of chemicals. If you’d like a “label” for this condition, it’s called Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS). In terms of living with this issue my best support has been taking high levels of vit. D and magnesium. Vit. D supports the immune system and I try to get my serum levels up into the high 40’s to low 50’s. Take the magnesium to help your muscles relax from breathing spasms and to offset the risk of hyper-calcemia from the high-dose vit. D. Google RADS, Dr. Varney, for the medical research for this treatment. Thank you for your site! The more people that understand how we’re contaminating our environment and hurting ourselves, the more options will become available for us to live cleaner and healthier!

  4. Just came across your blog and had a problem with your cat recommendations. Certainlydon’t want to use a shampoo with essential oils(toxic to cats). Pine(terpenes) litter is also bad for cats. Sadly, eco conscious is not always safety conscious.

    • Thank you for your comments. I do appreciate your concern for the health of your cats.

      As I have noted, Essential oils are not all created equal which means often if an allergic reaction Does occur, it signifies the essential oil being used has been mixed with a chemical component. Essential oils are VERY often mixed with chemicals to lengthen the life and increase the strength of the desired odor.

      That said, every animal partner must determine for themselves the benefits and efficacy of a particular product for their furry loved one.

      When I read your comment about the essential oil of pine, my first thought was that the Essential oil which is distilled from pine needles and cones is a very different product from milled shavings that have been recycled and reprocessed. However, I did speak with the makers of Feline Pine, and they acknowledge some naturally occurring pine oil (not the same as an essential oil) residue can be found in shavings. So technically, if your cat is sensitive to pine oil, there is a possibility of some type of adverse reaction. So like anything, it is always advisable to transition gradually to see how well tolerated it will be.
      But I want to point out that if your cat has reacted badly or suffered some kine of toxicity to a Pine CLEANER in your home such as PINE SOL or something similar, that Pine OIL is SYNTHETIC, and therefore YES, HIGHLY TOXIC.
      Essential OIls on the other hand, when used properly in a product such as a shampoo (though PINE is not usually in shampoos) will NOT be enough to be toxic. An allergic reaction, of course, is possible to anything.
      Hope this helps!

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