Chemically Clean Laundry and Household Cleaners

A lot of chemical smells are emitted from cleaning products. If you are chemically sensitive, it is imperative you launder saddle pads, blankets, towels, cloths, pet bedding and pet clothing, and of course your own clothing and household items without smelly harsh chemicals.

Here is a list of completely eco-friendly companies carrying Laundry and Household Cleaning products. Either they are all  fragrance free or they carry a Fragrance Free line. I have noted the ones I’ve used.

Earth Friendly – Love these products. Laundry detergents: regular, delicate, baby and stain removal.  The detergent is completely chemical free, plant based and it works. What’s more, they have a special Pet Detergent specially formulated to get out those stinky pet odors. Complete Household Cleaners: Dishwashing detergents and cleansers, All Kitchen and bathroom Cleaners, Furniture and Carpet, Stain and Odor removal products.

Nature Clean – Complete line of laundry products including Softeners made from vegetable ingredients; contains no harsh chemicals including petroleum. A truly Green product. Also makes all Household Cleaning Agents, dishwashing and kitchen supplies, and Personal care soaps and cleansers made without sls or parabens.

Shaklee – not just vitamins any more. Makes fragrance free laundry products, dish cleaning and some cleaning products.

Bon Ami – Every person with MCS should know this steadfast kitchen helper. Use to clean your sinks and counters; also use in the Bathroom. Now Bon Ami also makes dish Detergents and All-purpose Liquid Cleansers. Fragrance Free and Entirely Eco-Friendly.

Natur Oil Soap Nuts – This company makes Detergents and Personal care products from the Soap Nut. Everything is completely Green and Chemically Clean. Certified Organic.

Maggie’s Soap Nuts – If you want to go completely organic, you just might be a Maggie’s soap nut.

Allergy Free – Developed by and for people with allergies, asthma and multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), Allergy-Free is 100% free of petroleum-based or other hazardous ingredients, fragrances, phosphates, animal by-products, dyes and other common triggers for respiratory or skin irritation. Makers of all Household cleaners.

BioKleen – has a Fragrance Free liquid detergent. BioKleen is free of phosphates and Chlorine. I’ve used their Stain Remover and some of the Household Cleaning products. I think they have a pretty good product. Kitchen, Bathroom, floor and all-purpose Cleaners.

Method – Method lists all their ingredients right there on the site which makes it easy to find a product that might work for you.

7th Generation – probably the most well known; makes all household cleaning products. Their Free and Clear line is Fragrance Free. I use many of their Household cleaning products. Additionally they carry paper and personal hygiene products all chlorine free and fragrance free.

Mrs. Meyers – another well known brand; the scented products, though natural,  have too strong an odor for me.  The Fragrance Free laundry soap is great, and I like it a lot. Natural dishwashing soaps, kitchen and bathroom cleaning agents as well as Personal Care soaps and Baby.

Vaska – founded in Berkley, eco-conscious. Laundry detergents, softeners and stain removal products.

Planet –  planet friendly, chemical free dish washing, detergent and all purpose cleaners.

The Laundress – who knew Fragrance Free could also be Upscale? This interesting company makes being Green chic and cool.

Babyganics – developed to make sure your baby doesn’t develop allergies; adults and pets will benefit from these products as well. Laundry and Household Cleaners. I use and like their Window cleaner and bathroom cleaner.

Sun and Earth – Detergents, stain removers, softeners, laundry sheets dish products and Hand Soap.

Dropps – Unique, biodegradable detergent with low carbon footprint. Has a Fragrance Free option and special Baby Dropps.

Grab Green – Fragrance Free and Fragrance Neutral Laundry Detergents, Softeners and Bleach alternatives Also makes dishwashing soaps, Kitchen and Bathroom cleaning products.

GroVia – Laundry Detergent that is Fragrance, Dye and Phosphate Free. Intended for baby diapers, this biodegradable is both gentle and tough! Grovia makes cloth diapers along with a pure and natural Baby Balm and Cleansing Wipes.

Green Pet Cleaners – offering an All-Purpose cleaning spray and a window cleaner. No VOC, and chemical free.

JR Watkins – Non-toxic, plant-based, biodegradable and phosphate free. Makes a Fragrance free and chemical free laundry detergent; I am not familiar with this company. Some of their personal care products have “fragrance” listed as an Ingredient so I am only recommending their Detergent and advise Reading labels on all other products.

for the Dryer Only: (Most of the above listings with Detergent also have softening and dryer solutions.)

Static Eliminator Dryer Sheets – I love these sheets. It eliminates static, softens fabric, and each box will last an incredible 500 loads! Being chemically clean makes them safe for sensitive skin and 100% hypoallergenic.

Nellie’s Dryer Balls – I have used these and they really do soften and reduce static. My only problem is they fall on the floor and roll away or the dogs get to them. Also available with chemical free scents.

Pet Stain and Odor Removers

Nature’s Miracle – the old standby still works great. Non-toxic, organic enzymes and undeniably effective

Clean and Green – Fragrance Free, eco friendly and non-toxic. Natural pet stain and Odor removers for your entire home.

Odor Crystals – This is oddly named since they GET RID of odor. Bag of zeolite to absorb any odors. Use anywhere in home: next to kitty litter, dog bed, bathrooms, etc. Inexpensive and natural.

Odor Eliminator – by Chae Organics. All Organic and Fragrance Free. Hypoallergenic spray that can even be used on pet breath! Use on fabrics, pet areas or simply spray in the air. Healthy non-toxic spray that will not poison you, your kids, or your pets (unlike some other well-advertised sprays). Ingredients: Double Bond Stabilized Oxygen Infused in Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Baking Soda, Peppermint Essential Oil. No synthetic preservatives.

Schneiders Odor Eliminator – GReat for HORSE BLANKETS! Add to washing machine for stained laundry or spray directly. Environmentally clean, no chemical perfumes, fragrance free and biodegradable. Takes care of skunk accidents or smelly horse blankets.

9 thoughts on “Chemically Clean Laundry and Household Cleaners

  1. I’ve been searching for a website like this… a handy reference guide to fragrance free products, even for people who don’t own horses. Thanks for the work you put into this!

    • Hello Helen – Have you tried club soda or hydrogen peroxide? Use salt after allowing either of the above to soak in. (It works on freshly spilt red wine but not sure how it will work on a set in stain.)
      I would also try something like Nature’s miracle or another enzyme type stain and odor remover. Saturate, allow to soak in and then go back over a day later with a wet rag.
      Hope you get that stain out!
      p.s. If all else fails, rearrange furniture 🙂

  2. Hi I just came across this blog, I wonder whether you know how to get mold out of the back of curtains. They have rubbed against the window in the winter and no amount of dry cleaning brings the stain out.

    • Hello Sara
      You didn’t say what material the curtains are made from?
      Have you tried white vinegar? Always use the vinegar first, followed by a non-chlorine bleach. Allow a day for the white vinegar to saturate – – the mold spores should be brought to the surface by the vinegar; then go back with a stiff brush to brush mold out of fabric. If stain persists, go back over with non-chlorine bleach (follow manufacturer instructions) or with a product such as [] Shaklee super cleaner or another enzyme cleaner.

  3. I have just come across this blog, it is fantastic, I was wondering if you could help me. I have got a cream sofa with lots of ground in dirt in the footstools and would love a solution which will get rid of the stains and bring them back to their former glory, do you have any advise.

    • Julia
      My first thought would be to call professional carpet cleaners. If you are chemically sensitive you will need to search for environmentally friendly cleaners. We have found several in our area who use non-toxic, green cleaning methods. Professional carpet cleaners can also clean furniture and drapes and usually do a great job as long as they are reputable and don’t use nasty strong chemicals!! If a professional cleaner is not an option, you can rent or purchase a steam carpet cleaner. That way you can make sure you are using only water to steam out the dirt. Please keep us posted on your progress!
      p.s. You can also try scrubbing it with one of the above mentioned chemically clean laundry detergents and a stiff brush, but I suspect this method won’t be able to get deep enough. I really think a professional carpet cleaner is your best bet on this one.

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